Eastport Maine’s Community Festival

Organized by the

Eastport Area Chamber of Commerce

Major Sponsors

CookeUSA - refusing to go with the flow

SKRETTING - The world leader in fish and shrimp feedThe First - a better way to bank

For 25 years, the end of summer and beginning of fall in Eastport, Maine, has been marked with a festival, a gathering, a celebration of our local resources, especially the salmon raised in the waters of Passamaquoddy Bay.

Of course, no community festival is complete without a meal.

The main event of the Eastport Salmon and Seafood Festival has always been the Salmon Sunday meal. Through the years, the details of the weekend’s events and the meal — the side dishes and desserts, the servers and cooks, the downtown location — have varied. The one constant that brings us all back is that delicious piece of grilled salmon. We eat under the big tent at a table surrounded by friends, neighbors and visitors. We look up from our meal and gaze contentedly at the unsurpassed view of the bay those of us who live here try not to take for granted and that we love to share with those travelers who are wise enough to step off the beaten tourist path to seek us out.